"I guess many citizens in this Republic always wanted to know who Kanyama Chiume was, that is, after the late tyrant Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda kept referring to the man as cunning and dangerous.

We all mobbed the man, Kanyama, when he finally landed in his mother country Malawi at the onset of multi-party democracy. You know what;some of us discovered to our sweet delight, that Kanyama was and is a harmless intelligent old man who in his heydays was gun powder necessary for a democracy."

Many articles have been written about Kanyama Chiume throughout his life. Above excerpt is from an article written on a Malawi newpaper, "The Nation", upon Chiume's arrival back to Malawi after 30 years of exile in 1994. On the photo above, Chiume is pictured with Dr. Banda on his left. Below you can find links to related news, articles and published material about Kanyama Chiume.

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