Quotable Quotes

“The freedom of malawi is absolutely meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation and eventual unity of Africa under one continental government”
- A membership pledge, Congress for the Seccond Republic of Malawi (CSR)

“Tribalism to me is an anathema and hate a primitive instinct I shall work to destroy.”
– A membership pledge, Congress for the Second Republic of Malawi (CSR)

“We are irrevocably committed to the democratization of Malawi and its emancipation from the disgraceful state of being an external Bantustan of South Africa and a Trojan horse of imperialism and consequently a neocolonist springboard for the destabilization of her neighbours…”
- Letter to Chairman of OAU, President Ibraahim Babangida of Nigeria, July 1991

“It now appears that despite your daily taste of the fury of the people against you and your regime, with them booing, stoning and boycotting your meetings in which you have nothing new to offer, you and your sycophants (constantly taking advantage of your senility and misleading you for their own selfish motives) are still living in cocoons of self-deception believing that you can continue to govern Malawi, as you have been doing in the last 30 years through hypocrisy, falsehoods, intimidation, jailings, detentions and political chicanery…

“We demand that this must stop for while in the past you managed to fool all the people of Malawi some of the time, and may have succeeded to fool some Malawians all the time, it is the height of folly to think that at age of 95, when you have obviously, as Shakespeare would have described you, become a sleeping pantaloon that sans teeth, sans eyes, sans ears and sans everything, you can succeed to fool all the people of Malawi all the time”
- Press Release, “Open Letter to the Dictator”, April 1993

“May we take this opportunity to reiterate our call for the even greater unity of the opposition in these most trying days in which we work together to change Malawi by our collective victory on the 17th May, 1994 or else stand condemned by history for condemnable squabbles to the benefit of those who have plundered us…We [CSR] on our part, would like to assure the Nation that we shall work relentlessly towards the maintenance and strengthening of unity the Nation showed on June 14th, 1993 as the only weapon towards a new and resurgent Malawi in which there shall be humiliation to none and freedom for all – a Malawi which shall belong to us all and to which all of us without discrimination as to sex, tribe, religion, race or political affiliation, shall equally belong”
- Congress for the Second Republic (CSR), Party resolution, 1994

“Nyasaland is not an extension of Europe and it will never be. The struggle of the Africans of Nyasaland, therefore, must not be regarded as an isolated event. It is part of the struggle of the Africans all over the Continent of Africa to be free from humiliation, oppression and bondage as a result of foreign rule. ”
- Nyasaland: The case for Secession". May, 1959

“African problems must in the long run be solved by Africans themselves. The Africans, as and when it is necessary, may want outside help and outside manpower. It must however be clearly understood that outside help and outside manpower must not, and will not, be allowed to dictate the form of government under which Africans, in their own country, must live and die. ”
- Nyasaland: The case for Secession". May, 1959

“Towards this objective we have dedicated our lives and no force on earth will change our minds. However often we suffer setbacks, we shall ever march forward. Backward we shall never turn. ”
- Nyasaland: The case for Secession". May, 1959